A relaxing destination where adult holidays and childhood go hand in hand

This destination lies at the hart of Médoc, between vast pine forests, the largest natural lake in France and the Atlantic Ocean. 


The Atlantic influences the climate and weather is temperate and mild compared to surrounding areas. Summers can be very hot and sunny, sunburn may be a risk if you’re unprepared. With its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, nights tend to cool down and mosquitos are rare. 


The town features a traditional village, a lake side and a ocean side:

  • Hourtin Bourg, the old part of the town, with its picturesque church and market place;

  • Hourtin Port, situated at the lake, where the monitored beaches, the marina and shops and restaurants are located and 

  • Hourtin Plage, a laid-back village with nice bars and cosy restaurants at the Atlantic Ocean


There are three properties for rent

Les Villas du Port 260:
accommodated  for a family of 5 with garden & veranda


The apartment on the ground floor has 2 + 1 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and sleeps 5.


Les Villas du Port, 250:
tastefully decorated with plenty of garden


The apartment on the ground floor has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a separate toilet and sleeps 4.

Les Villas du Port, 162:
spacious and a breathtaking view


This penthouse has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 separate shower, 2 separate toilets and sleeps 6. 




Wir sind aus der Schweiz nach Hourtin gefahren mit Motorboot. Im Voraus Liegeplatz im Hafen reserviert (cnhm-hourtin.fr). Sehr nette Hafenmeister. Wunderschöne See zum fahren und sehr geeignet für Wasserski. Kleine Privatstrände zum anlegen. Angeln wunderbar. Raubfisch (Egli, Zander und Hecht) angeln beim Sonnenuntergang wunderschön. Empfehlenswerte Feriendestination.  


/ Bruno Verstraete


We rented all three houses for a full two weeks. My parents and a befriended family came over to take advantage of this haven of peace! 1 day out of my journal:


My husband is thrilled to be able to play golf today, while the trip to the market is what gets me out of bed! The older kids are still asleep, and my friends have gone for a run along the lake. The smaller kids went to the Children Island with their grandfather. They came back all exited, and full of stories, espaecially the grandfather...


Lunchtime is a free-for-all, with melons, cheeses, salads, french bread and other local treats - everyone dives in taking what they fancy. 


In the afternoon, the older children go for their surf lessons, while my father enjoys a nap in the shade of the pines. The rest is heading for the lake. Five minutes later, we're unrolling our towels and umbrellas on the beautiful sandy beach. Stress-free, children happy, water perfect. The kids seem to have made friends so we can read our summer bestsellers in peace! We finish our stay on the beach with a pedalo trip.


Six o'clock, back to the house as everyone will come over to appartment 250 for a bbq tonight. We have shrimps and oysters to start, continuing with a nice entrecote with backed patatoes. Afterwards, we are heading to the "Port" for icecream and a dance, as tonight the children disco on!


/ Evelyn Guerriero

Hourtin is a privileged place characterized by wide open spaces and a attractive natural environment.



33990, Hourtin / hourtin.declercq@yahoo.com